Our Staff

Diaspora Forces (DF) is an incorporated not-for-profit organization in the State of Minnesota. After more than a decade living in the USA, some young Togolese got together and decided to do something positive for their compatriots back in Togo.

First, they didn’t know what to focus on and then they decided to support the education system in Togo and raise awareness about lack of freedom, poverty and social injustice in Togo. They truly believe that education drives development. As John F Kennedy once said “Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education.

Agbeko Sylvestre

Executive Director

Agbeko Sylvestre Galley, born and raised in Togo, relocated to the United States in October 2009. He is a fervent advocate for human rights, dedicated to collaborating with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Kodjovi C. Vigniavo

Board Chair of Diaspora Forces

Kodjovi is deeply committed to investing his life in his community. He is dedicated to assisting those in need and working towards causes in which he truly believes.

Ezekiel Agbossou

Secretary of Board

Ezekiel became a member of Diaspora Force in January 2017. He is passionate about volunteering and actively contributes to community support initiatives.

Koffi Assigbe

Treasury secretary of Diaspora Forces

Koffi is dedicated to empowering individuals by providing them with choices and resources to enhance their quality of life. His primary role involves managing the bookkeeping for the organization.

Jacob Lawson

Councelor of Diaspora Forces

Jacob is fervently committed to advocating for the community. He holds a strong belief in the power of collaboration and strives to effect positive change in people's lives through communal efforts.

Folly Doessevi

Interim Project Manager

Folly DOSSEVI holds the position of Interim Project Manager and concurrently works as a Software Quality Analyst. Committed to service, I dedicate my skills to volunteering at Diaspora Forces, aiming to enhance the lives of our Togolese communities both in the diaspora and in the homeland.

Yvette kuamba Kpayedo

Counselor of Diaspora Forces

Yvette is a prominent advocate for women in our community. She champions women's rights and is dedicated to ensuring their voices are heard. Despite her busy schedule, she consistently makes time to engage in community activities

Charles Kouto-Messan

Counselor of Diaspora Forces

Charles is deeply committed to public service and is passionate about promoting community wellness. He devotes a significant amount of his time to these endeavors

Koffi Jr Aouga

Counselor of Diaspora Forces

Koffi Jr Aouga is profoundly passionate and dedicated to contributing to the growth of the community. He actively engages in various social initiatives, offering his time and resources to support and uplift those around him. His involvement spans a wide range of community activities, showcasing his commitment to making a positive impact.