Our Staff

Diaspora Forces (DF) is an incorporated not-for-profit organization in the State of Minnesota. After more than a decade living in the USA, some young Togolese got together and decided to do something positive for their compatriots back in Togo.

First, they didn’t know what to focus on and then they decided to support the education system in Togo and raise awareness about lack of freedom, poverty and social injustice in Togo. They truly believe that education drives development. As John F Kennedy once said “Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education.

Agbeko Sylvestre

Executive Director

Agbeko Sylvestre Galley was born and raised in Togo. He moved to the United States in October 2009. Human Right passionate defender, working with people from different backgrounds.

Kodjovi C. Vigniavo

Board Chair of Diaspora Forces

Kodjovi like to invest his life in his community, to help the people in need and to work for a cause that he truly believes in.

Ezekiel Agbossou

Secretary of Board

Ezekiel joined Diaspora Force in January 2017. Passionate about volunteering and investing in community support.

Koffi Assigbe

Treasury secretary of Diaspora Forces

Koffi is passionate about giving people choices and resources so that they can improve the quality of their life. He mainly helps with the bookkeeping of the organization.

Jacob Lawson

Councelor of Diaspora Forces

Jacob is passionate about advocating for community. He believes in working together as a community and changing life.

Folly Doessevi

Interim Project Manager

Folly Doessevi is an Interim Project Manager, offering helping hand Software Quality Analyst. As a service oriented person, I volunteer my ability to serve and uplift people with Diaspora Forces to better serve our Togolese communities in the diaspora and in the homeland.

Yvette kuamba Kpayedo

Counselor of Diaspora Forces

Yvette strongly represents women in our community. She advocates for women rights and like their voice to be heard. She always finds time to participate in community activities.

Charles Kouto-Messan

Counselor of Diaspora Forces

Charles loves to dedicate his time to public services and very passionate about community wellness.

Koffi Jr Aouga

Counselor of Diaspora Forces

Koffi Jr Aouga is very passionate and devoted to participating to the growth of the community.