Building a vibrant community in MN

Empowering Togolese for better future

Keeping our community safe and healthy

Who are We

Diaspora Forces (DF) is an incorporated Non- Profit Organization in the State of Minnesota. Our organization was created in 2017 by Togolese living in the US to ensure better integration of our community.

People are our fundamental resource. Our goal is to promote the wellness of our community in the diaspora and eventually back in Togo.

Togolese In the Twin Cities

Each and every one of us has a power to make a difference in the world. Whether your power is making an in-kind donation, joining us or getting involved, it will help change someone’s life for the better. We appreciate your support for this cause. Contact us if you would like to learn more about us.

What We Do

Diaspora Forces Focuses on matters such as health, integration, education, and religion. We work in partnership with private and state agencies on programs that benefit our community.

Our Partners

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